FATAL "George" VISI0N (born July 6, 1972) in California, now residing in NC. Fatal served 4 years in the United States Marines Corps from 91'-95'. He was first assigned duty in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba working the fence line as an Infantry 50cal. Machine gunner with Leeward Co. as seen in a movie, "A Few Good Men" After the year long assignment was reassigned to Camp Lejune as an Infantry Heavy Machine gunner and Infantry Battle Skills Training School Instructor. After his four years of military service he joined the police academy where after he was hired by a local dept. and worked U.C. as an Undercover Narcotics Agent involved in a County wide High school Drug Sting Operation. Ofc. Vision enrolled as a highs cool student while working undercover resulting in the most arrest made for the operation. During his six years in the Police Department, he also worked as a Specialized Physical Fitness Instructor at the Academy, as well as a General Instructor in various other classes. Ofc. Vision also worked several Task Force Units as well as the (E.R.T.) Emergency Response Team assigned to a sniper team. In 2001 while responding to a call, Ofc. Vision was involved in as motor vehicle accident and was unable to return to work after wards from medical conditions and injuries sustained from the accident. Ret. Ofc. Vision, enjoys gaming on his PS3 and Xbox 360 as well as driving and racing his 2005 Mustang GT Convertible. Fatal is currently married and has been for 16 years. and has his dog "Gracie" a German Shepard mix rescued from the pound.

Some Other Stuff

  • Trained with Lou Ferrigno “The Incredible Hulk”
  • Climbed Mt. Fugi
  • Favorite Shows & Movies: Band of Brothers, The Shield, Tombstone, Sniper
  • Bench 310
  • Has been in numerous foot chases and only lost 2!
  • Has been in car chases in access speeds of +100mph
  • Favorite Car: 32 Ford from American Graffiti
  • Wants to be the first American Ninja Warrior
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